Review: Chip – League Of My Own II

Chip, once known as Chipmunk or even ‘Chip Diddy Chip’ for those who remember a school uniform wearing rapper on Channel U, has been a prominent name in UK music for a decade now. He burst onto the scene at 16-years-old as a fearless grime MC who instantly gained the respect of elders and producers and that’s something that, despite various high-profile feuds and clashes, he still seems to have today.

This latest addition to his 10-year-old discography charts his journey, as Oscar Berkhout writes…


Chip, one of the best wordsmiths that the UK has ever seen.

Bar for bar, the guy can keep up with anyone – don’t forget Fuck Radio days. 10 years after his acclaimed League Of My Own, we get the second instalment. From 16-years-old to 26-years-old, you can hear the same homegrown, London, gritty passion. It’s not strictly grime or bars, Chippy’s had bashment tunes from day so there’s influence from pretty much everywhere as he touches on R&B and even drill on this album.

If you like Chip bar for bar, you’ll like League Of My Own II. All you need to do is listen to the intro in which his father gives him some spiritual advice; it’ll resonate with some and not with others. But when that bass kicks in it doesn’t matter. To hear this instrumental, to hear whis cadence and his confidence colliding with it – it gives you something extra… HIS FLOW ON THIS RIDDIM IS A MADDERS.

Gets Like That, 34 Shots and Honestly were released quite a while before the full project. In the same week as it, though came Scene, with a whole bag of legends. Jammer, Double, JME and The Godfather, Wiley. THE BEAT – come on, man… The bounce, the flows… It’s all mad. It’s a reflective song as these four veterans of the very scene they spit about assessing the present and reassessing the pass – all within the iconic scribbled walls of the basement for the video, minus Wiley (where’s Wiley?).

The singles released prior to the album are all strong; Snap Snap was released before but I’m not really on Chip like that – for me, he’s best bar for bar, chatting confidence and chatting up his justified ability. That’s why Confirmed is the tune you need to expose your ears to. Put some triumphant brass instruments on a riddim matched with a hard-hitting high hat and trappy drums and I’m sold. Not only does the riddim install you with instant confidence but also makes me just want to applaud, man, I can’t lie. Bars? Bang. Flows? Bang. And the instrumental BANGS. Absolutely confirmed.

A solid body of work from Chip and a must-listen for anyone who’s stuck with him since the original League Of My Own. 4 Magnums out of 5.


By Oscar Berkhout
For Off Licence Magazine

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