NEW SNIFF: Broke Zipper video

In the depths of the grime of the British rap scene lives Will Sniff, one of the unsung heroes in a scene that already rarely hears it’s praises sung. But at Offie Mag, this is the shit we are all about.

Genuine British talent from people with a DIY attitude like when your dad takes on that shelf on a Bank Holiday Weekend. Associated with Bad Taste Records along with his frequent collaborator, Trellion, Sniff has actually released this new video with the Blah Records family that includes some of the most creative artists in this unique music realm.

Broke Zipper is typical Sniff, dropping wordplay and niche references at a drowsy tempo that sends you into a state of head nodding haven. With Blah’s resident producer, Morriarchi on the beat, the two combine to craft a tune with a sick sound that Sniff, Morri and Blah seem to be able to shit out with ease. The scenic video is made by Huw Caddy, whose collection of equally sick work can be found on his Vimeo profile (link below). Enjoy.


Made by Huw Caddy –


Sniff’s Socials:





Be sure to check our interview with Blah Records’ Lee Scott if you haven’t already.


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