Let Sleazy F Baby take you to ‘Cherch’

We saw a comment on IAMDDB’s Instagram recently that said the UK doesn’t need ‘another ignorant rapper.’ Well, if they were talking about the Manchester singer’s other half, Sleazy F Baby, they’re fucking wrong. The UK needs Sleazy F Baby as much as it needs to revamp it’s shit train services.

And what you talking about ‘ignorant’ anyway? Sleazy is preaching about church on this latest track to surface on his Soundcloud, talking to higher powers as he slams down his energetic raps on Diego’s beat. He’s sounding like a man who’s feeling himself right now, talking like a man boosted by his music being recognised by a bigger audience every day. He and IAMDDB have been performing at festivals far and wide, bringing their sounds to likes of Outlook’s famous beach stage most recently.

Definitely stay tuned to what both of them have coming soon, but for now, lock into this banger from Mr. Sleazy F Baby.




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