New from Benaddict: Another Side Of Your Face

Still fresh off of his debut album dropping in the summer, Brighton rapper and producer Benaddict has started autumn by dropping a beautiful new tune on his Soundcloud.

Another Side Of Your Face is another deep tune from the Yogocop artist, as he gives us a very personal account of his own life through the clear looking glass that is his music. He dropped the tune soon after hitting 4k followers on Soundcloud and each and every one of them potential listeners are sure to enjoy what is essentially a classic Benaddict tune. Real lyrics, a laid-back flow and a crispy self-produced instrumental underneath the guy’s carefully written bars. The song is also free to download from here so you don’t even have to use your 4G up to listen to on the bus, or deal with Soundcloud adverts about cars and that.

For more from Benaddict, check out Garden of England, his long-awaited debut album that is genuinely worth the wait. Also, be sure to check out our interview with the man, himself both online and in the first issue of Off Licence Magazine once it hits corner shop counters real soon.

Follow Benaddict on Soundcloud



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