If you’re tuned into British hip-hop you should’ve known him for a little while now; it’s Rye Shabby – a talented scallywag of a rapper signed to Verb T’s In The Balance Records. 

He’s had the solid body of work, Arthur Lager out over the past year and this new track, produced by the hip-hop veteran, himself, Verb T, is the first off the new project ‘Die Shabby’ that Rye Shabby has up his typically fashionable sleeve. As per from Shabby, the song casts a dark glimpse into his life, with honest lyrics and smart metaphors inviting you into his world as an artist.

His voice, an often underrated weapon for all the rappers trying to make it out there, matches the tone of his lyrics ideally, as he even gives us a sample of his singing voice on the hook. Sounding all King Krule-ey (in a fucking good way), Mr Shabby kills both the hook and verses on this track along with the production from Verb. Swigging beers, G and T from a can and getting up to all sorts of antics on top of a rooftop, the production for this video mustn’t have been too different to the day in Brixton we spent with Rye this summer. Offies were hit, bars were spat, videos were made. Stay tuned for the content to come from that in our debut issue and on our socials, but for now, sink into ‘3 After…’


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