Offie Playlist: October

Every month we’re giving you a fat organised Soundcloud playlist, updating it as the weeks go on. Let’s just hope Soundcloud survives for the foreseeable future.

You probably won’t hear these songs in your local off-licence, more so some local radio or if you’re lucky enough to visit AMPM on London Rd, Brighton, some Indian bangers through the bossman’s system.

This month has a strong British hip-hop theme, coinciding with a lot of the content that will feature inside our first issue. LISTEN.


The NorthAze – Astral Turf and Hella Scary (featuring Jack Jetson, Blacxy Reign, Pertrelli, Black Josh)

We’ve got two tracks from the Leeds hip-hop duo. The first opens their very sick mixtape, Sabre Series Volume 1, as they throw down some thoughtful lyrics on top of a trippy instrumental – be sure to check the visuals for Astral Turf, too.

The second song, Hella Scary, invites plenty of other northern rappers to whack down a verse alongside The NorthAze. Jack Jetson from Leeds, the versatile, super talented Black Josh from Manchester, Blacxy Reign and the purple-loving Pertrelli link up to make a heavy track with a solid hook… HELLA SCARY.

The Mouse Outfit – I Wonder (feat IAMDDB and Fox)

Everyone’s talking about IAMDDB – and for good reason. The Manchester singer is turning heads, not just because she’s a swaggy, vibe-inducing young lady, but because her music is meeting the audience it deserves. The ever-jazzy Mouse Outfit are perfect collaborators for her as they, along with Fox, produce a far more relaxed tune that the one that it follows in this Offie Playlist.

Children of Zeus – I Can’t Wait

These guys have just dropped a new EP which is definitely worth a listen to in its entirety. This soulful tune provides a perfect example of how that EP will sound, with the beautiful, emotional singing voice that guides the song making this an absolute vibe from start to finish. The briefest but most poignant rap on this whole playlist juxtaposes the singing to make this a full display of what Children of Zeus can do.

Danny Lover – Skinny Pimp (feat Trellion)

For anyone who’s listened deeply into the UK scene that encompasses these two rappers, this a dream duo – or more so a duet, as they rap ever so slowly over this smoooooth classical music sample. Skinny Pimp is taken off Danny Lover’s long-awaited, The Church Restaraunt Official Soundtrack – a solid album from the Canadian and well worth checking out if any of you Skinny Pimps out there love the sound of this sweggy anthem.

Benaddict – Does Anybody Care? (feat Nuphzed) and Ninety Three

As Benaddict told us, ‘Does Anybody Care?’ sums up Yogocop Records. The Brighton collective of talented rappers and producers are seriously on it right now, with Benaddict’s debut album being the first of several releases coming out of the seaside city’s hip-hop scene right now. Yet, sometimes the drugs and drink get in the way of recording those verses – let’s hope the Yogocop boys stay stood uupright for long enough to record some more tunes like this, though, whilst simultaneously keeping it ‘Dreeby.’

His second entry on our Offie Playlist is another off of ‘The Garden of England’ produced by the talented producer, Ded Tebiase. This one is largely about Benny’s love for painting and the video for it is sick, too.

Harvs & Vitamin G – Snap Your Neck

Like the previous, this is another Yogocop entry that’s produced by a true great. Remulak’s beat is laced by Vitamin G, the ‘prick that rinsed all your Kit-Kats,’ and Harvs, who’s ‘colder than your auntie’s fridge.’ The duo smash this track with a hook that’ll leave you repeating ‘snaaaaaap your neck.’

The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light – It’ll always be it

Mike Skinner’s new persona is fucking unreal. One of the most talented men this island has produced has reinvented himself as the wordy artist name above and everything he’s put out under the alias is great. He’s a wordsmith like few others and basically just does whatever he wants with his voice… this is one of very few songs from this new project on Soundcloud but if you haven’t checked out the whole lot yet on Spotify then you’re an idiot, basically.

Rem 27 – Guilt Freestyle

Rem 27 is a young rapper from the unknown town of Basingstoke – something that gives him a unique angle to his heartfelt hip-hop. A town best known for being uninteresting, it has a dedicated yet tiny scene of creatives trying to push out of the 9 to 5 realities of small-town Britain to do what they love. This is a brief account of Rem’s talent and a perfect ending to week one’s Offie Playlist.



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