New: Shizz McNaughty reworks 90s classic

Shizz McNaughty has come through with a geezery, grimy tune with some bouncy visuals running around London.

Alongside Cosmo, the song samples All Seeing I’s nineties hit The Beat Goes On, as they reinvent the tune but keep that happy, skippy, naughty nutty geezer feel that makes you wanna hop around with Shizz and Cosmo through off-licences, high streets and pubs. 

The video is directed by Alex Ellis (@ellisdawg), whose growing portfolio alongside the guys at DOOMED is worth a visit in itself. As for McNaughty, it’s the latest in his catalogue of work that stretches back deeply into grime MCing and producing that has established him as a highly-rated name in the genre. His upbringing, surrounded by some of the forefathers of the scene in Bow, East London, means that Shizz is a well connected and well-rounded talent in grime – keep an eye on him if this tune is your kinda thing.




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