Ipswich hip-hop: Indigo Frequency – Limoncello

Yeah, that’s right, Ipswich, and what?

The first time we realised the extent of the Suffolk town’s hip-hop scene was at a massive High Focus gig at Concorde 2, Brighton. Rye Shabby was on the bill then skip forward a few hundred beers and he was on the floor somewhere near the front row. He doesn’t remember it, whether that be through the alcohol-infused amnesia or the bump he took to the head is unclear, but what is clear is that he smashed it.

In the background on stage that night, cooling off all six-feet of his hair with an on-stage desk fan was Sloth, the resident producer of the Ipswich-based Indigo Frequency. His production is dark, a little bit trippy, a little bit trappy and a little bit fucking sick.

He and Whispy go in over this new track slash ode to Limoncello, only losing marks slightly for filming the video in a 24-hour Big Tesco rather than an offie. Regardless, the visuals and the track are both hard and evidence of the hip-hop talent outside of the big cities.

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