Review: Children of Zeus – The story so far…

The new EP from the soulful Manchester duo needs your attention…

‘The story so far…’ charts the journey of this talented pair of young Manchester musicians to the release of this very EP, touching on soul, RnB and hip-hop as they groove, sing and rap their way across this beautiful six-track record.

After the hazy opener of Smoke With Me in which they ‘kill roaches like your Mum’s flip-flops,’ Children of Zeus pack the A-side with messages of positivity and defiance. ‘Still Standing’ is a track you may have heard before, leading this release with an emotional hook either side of a sung verse and a rapped one, demonstrating the range that these two have. But that defiance and positivity echoed through the track listing never comes across as too preachy or overdone, there’s subtle self-depreciation in these lyrics, particularly when it turns to rap, as the realities of trying to carve out musical success in this country seeps into the themes in this EP.

Every instrumental is well-thought out and executed brilliantly from the subtle clapping drums of Smoke With Me to the gospel opening of Crown on the other side. There’s something that sounds extremely ‘Old Kanye’ about how it starts, with a punchy flow over a slowly progressing sample that eventually culminates in what is essentially just a fucking great piece of music. It’s Tyler’s (one half of Children of Zeus) first rapped verse of the EP and well worth the wait, but it’s not long until his partner Konny kills this track, too. It’s an epic way to mark the halfway point in this project, a project that was always going to special.

They gave us ‘I Can’t Wait as a taster of what was to come from the finished project, a majestic song that didn’t even make it onto the final cut of the vinyl. It did make it onto our first playlist, though, so be sure to put your ears on that and more importantly, put them on the whole of this project.

A solid 4 shoulder bottles of bossman’s nautical-themed rum out of 5 for this EP, can’t wait to hear more from these two.


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