Offie Playlist: October Update

The month is almost over but we’re still adding tracks to October’s playlist. Put your ears on these.

Lyza – Sabbath (featuring Milkavelli)

Lyza is a frequent collaborator with the Blah Records gang, so much so that you can hear Lee Scott making some noise early on in this classical hip-hop duet with DVL GANG 616 GOD, Milkavelli.

Her very peng, very peaceful voice is a solid juxtaposition to Milk’s bars with her harmonies decorating every second of this track.

Phyba – Mobsters

Phyba is new to us, but we hope to get more familiar with him. Some people don’t like to be compared to other artists, even when it’s a legendary one, but Phyba comes with an  old school Jehst vibe with the way he enters this track. Can’t remember who reposted or shared this with us but thank you, this dude is now on our Offie shopping list of talented UK rappers.

Verbz & Mr Slipz – Landscapes

Every now and then great duos come about. Yorke and Cole. Gervais and Merchant. Bonnie and Clyde. Buck and fast. Yogocop producer, Mr Slipz and 19-year-old Croydon rapper, Verbz are one of those duos, making a genuinely fire album on the German label, Radio Juicy.

The whole album is on Soundcloud so it was tempting to add that to the playlist, but settle for Landscapes. Tight production from Slipz and so many bars from Verbz on this album, his Lessons of Adolescence must’ve been the most meandering learning curve ever.

We had them on our radio show with Brickcellphone, check that out.

Remulak – On the Atlas (featuring Black Josh)

Remulak again and Black Josh again as the former provides another dope beat, this one a lot more recent than the previous, for the Mancunian donny, Black Josh to jump upon. As always, Josh delivers and what delivers is supreme delivery… ‘peep it.’


2Late x Hashfinger – Mysterious

Brighton-based producer 2Late is a regular feature on the Brickcellphone x Offie Mag radio show on Platform B – he’s also a regular in Dead Wax Social where Brickcellphone earns his P.

He’s a very sick producer with a tendency to get trippy. This instrumental does exactly that with some help from a collaboration with the brilliantly named, Hashfinger.

Smove – Upside Down

Smove is a Brighton artist who came into our scope with a LoudHouse Live Session, hitting shotty bottles and singing/rapping on top of some hip-hop beats. He’s crafting a pretty original sound with the only point of comparison being someone like Jamie T… maybe? Anyone? No?

He’s nice though, and he gives you two tracks for you in one here essentially.



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