Skepta drops Halloween surprise


Skepta just surprised everyone by dropping an EP, just like that.

Vicious is a six-track collection of very gritty tracks from the North London rapper, with them all seemingly included what can only be described as that ‘Mike Lowery’ sound for anyone familiar with Skepta’s 2011 track that shared some of these groany-like instrumentals.

The EP features some of the songs he’s already rolled out, No Security and Hypocrisy being among them, but tunes like the opener Still are brand new. His line about the SK Airs in that first song is a special moment, as the Boy Better Know don celebrates being raised to the level of artistry success which means he gets to put his name on a shoe.

US rappers Lil B and A$AP Nast and Rocky feature on Vicious which is kind of mad – Lil B’s verse on Sit Down is gold, telling haters to sit down and then chilling on the beat in such a way. The A$AP duo close the EP with a fittingly eery, more Halloweeny tune ‘Ghost Riders’ with Skepta dropping Freddy Krueger references and chanting his hook from Hypocrisy over a beat that you can almost see him dancing to as you listen.

Anyway, listen…

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