Double instalment of ‘SUPERGOD5000PLUS’ from Lee Scott

Leezus is about to drop a new solo album, with the Runcorn native rapping over the top of DEW8’s beats.

The eight-song EP, titled SUPERGOD5000PLUS, is blessed with some delightful cover art that you just want to cover your bedroom walls in – looking up at them every morning and praying that one day you will reach SUPERGOD5000PLUS status, too.

For now, Lee and Blah Records have given you two new videos, the first of which is geared around helping you achieve the above. Featuring Milkavelli and Sniff, the Cult Members star in the video produced and filmed by Vikki Digby-Johns and Siim Pariso, with almost cinematically excellent visuals being the result.

1. Hiii


The second video is the title track, as Lee dons a cape for the crooked superhero chic. Either stood in front of a green screen or various cityscapes, the Blah man raps his usual unique blend of paradoxical scene setting lyricism before defying physics by flying out of shot.

The album isn’t yet out, but it’s available for pre-order on limited edition vinyl from Blah Records. Look out for that and look out for much more Lee Scott in Off Licence Magazine.


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