Offie Playlist: November

Cold innit? 

Alfa Mist – Brian

We had the pleasure of seeing this man and his talented musical counterparts live this month, so the closing track of his monumental album released earlier this year had to feature. This guy’s hands have a mind of their own, navigating those keys like N’golo Kante around Stamford Bridge. A seriously talented and humble guy, he deserves every typed word of recognition he’s received for this project.

LYZA – Easy (featuring Bisk)

We had Lyza on last month’s playlist with her tune with Milkavelli, this month she’s got one with another Blah rapper in Bisk. Both tracks, it turns out, are on her brand new EP ‘Nobody but You.’ Definitely check that out, with features from two rappers mentioned plus Jam Baxter, Nah Eeto (also on this playlist) and of course, her own endless talent.


Milkavelli – Lock and Load (featuring Bakar)

One of many, many, many bangers off of his recently dropped Cult Member album, Lock and Load was one of the first tunes Milk shared in the build-up to its release. It also went OFF live at Old Blue Last during Cult Mountain’s 616 and Friends gig in Shoreditch this month. A big month for Blah, Cult Mountain, 616 and the whole cult, they regularly emerge on our playlists and radio shows.

Nah Eeto – Nataka

We met Nah Eeto in Amsterdam over the summer during our Lee Scott interview, forthcoming in ISSUE ONE. We chatted a lot; about Lee, about music, about weed, both together and with a charming hobo called Rico. She didn’t, however, tell us that she’s got music of her own – and truly original music at that. Listen to her rap in Swahili whilst you can’t even rap in English you non-polylingual.

Bisk – C.O.T.S

Bisk released yet another project this month, whacking down some of his own production and his usual slimy swamp rap. It’s sick. As is this opener of ‘Fly Sh!t’, produced by Blah don producer extraordinaire, Morriarchi. These two are quite the duo, expect to hear much more from Bisk as one of the younger talents on the label and if you haven’t already, scroll through Morri’s back catalogue of British hip-hop soundtracks.


Chip – Behind Barz

Don’t think we’re above giving credit to a big name when it’s clearly due. Whilst we specialise in whatever underground means, talent is talent no matter how many thousand or million people hear it. We reviewed Chip’s League Of My Own II  when it first dropped and this freestyle for Link Up TV basically compresses, unzips and exports all the best parts of that album in one fat verse.


illiterate – Catching Moths (featuring Lauuse the Cat)

Chilling you out again is illiterate. One of the founding members of Brighton label, Yogocop Records, he recently released his very sick debut solo album, whatifthenwhat. This is a track from that gloopy, often quite experimental album that he self-described as ‘weird’ on a Platform B show last month. It features ‘the feline homie’ Lausse the Cat who drops a very honest, open verse on this sombre song.


Real Life & Real Drama – Lewis Parker

From a debutant to a true veteran; Lewis Parker. This man has been around British hip-hop from the beginning, spanning both the US and the UK in a musical life that has seen him work with some of the best to ever do it. Every now and then he drops another new tune on Soundcloud and every single time it sounds like a classic instantly. Production, verses, hooks – Jedi Master Parker can do it all.


Ded Tebiase – All I Need (featuring Parallax)

Bristol-based producer, Ded Tebiase is one of the best boom bap producers in the country. His Landspeed album brings some of finest rappers, too as they take it in turn to lace Ded’s endless amount of beautiful instrumentals. But more beautiful still is what this album has done. Donating all proceedings to charity, Ded Tebiase, Village Live Records and everyone who featured on or purchased this EP raised three-thousand quid for charity.


Black Josh – Brekky Wine Freestyle (produced by fourtwenty)

Back to Blah and Black Josh can’t stop making sweg-heavy rap music. His Brexit ‘tape was dropped recently and each and every track will elevate you Milly Rocking in your bedroom, yet he can return to the more ‘lo-fi’ shit and kill it just the same. This tune, produced by fourtwenty, sees the Manchester rapper just go in like the Yung Sweg Lord that he is for the entirety – “The Yung Sweg Lord never fails.”

Benaddict, Slim & Ella Mae – OHTWT (Featuring Harvs)

Benaddict , Slim and Ella Mae have produced a very special album on Village Live Records. Teal is a very carefully crafted, thoughtful hip-hop album that touches on a range of topics that Yogocop’s Benaddict explores with his lyrics, whilst Ella Mae provides amazing hooks and breakdowns with her delicate voice. It’s an emotive project, well-timed for the winter gloom. On this track, Harvs features with his own verse, self-evaluating and reflecting on a misspent youth – just one fine track from a great album, go listen.


You can expect to hear some of this music on our many radio shows.

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