Lyza Jane: Nobody But You EP

For anyone who has taken the time to listen to our playlists and radio shows, you would’ve heard a couple of Lyza Jane tracks before.

A frequent collaborator with many Blah Records affiliated rappers, as seen on this brand new solo project, Lyza has squeezed out a couple of fine tunes in recent months that we’ve had the pleasure of broadcasting. First came Lyza and Milkavelli with the song Sabbath, the kickstarter of our playlist back in October and the first sign that she might have something major cooking in the proverbial oven of her musical mind. That track doesn’t feature on Nobody But You, perhaps not entirely fitting the tranquil sounding release as well as those that have made the cut.

On this six-track EP, though, comes several features from this country’s finest rapping crop, with Jam Baxter, Bisk and another feature from Milkavelli being amongst the chilled instrumentals and at times, chilling vocals courtesy of the singer. All of Bisk, Baxter and Milk are shown in a different light compared to much of their solo work, with Lyza’s atmospheric vocals almost providing the hug and a cup of tea for some of hip-hop’s hardest to open up on.

The result is an emotive project, with over 20 minutes of easy listening yet somehow hard-hitting music that we won’t do the injustice of boxing into a genre. At times there’s hip-hop, jazz and even a gentle splash of trap and modern dance on the opening tune, ‘Where’s Jack At?’ (featuring the bilingual rapping of Nah Eeto). But genres aside, this is a display of some delicate yet emotional vocals and incredibly carefully chosen and detailed instrumentals.

At 3 quid on Bandcamp, this shit’s a bargain. Check it out and listen out for it on an Offie Radio show or two.


Listen on Spotify


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