NEW: Pertrelli Purple – I LAY

Young northern rapper Pertrelli is building some repours in that cold part of the world, steadily putting out solid verses and tunes, each of them tinged in purple.

His voice and tone is one that naturally lends himself to some angst, much of which he lets out on his later song, I Lay. Exploring a beat that he could’ve taken in any direction, by carving his own flow and rhyme scheme and saying a hell of a lot.

A song that maybe needs several listens to fully grasp the extent of what Pertrelli is laying down, this strong end to 2017 suggests a big 2018 for one of the north’s brightest talents. Starting with lyrics about the relationship between eye contact and friendship, Pertrelli provides a captivating song and visual throughout and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from this purple loving emcee in the new year.

@Pertelli on Instagram

Pertrelli on Soundcloud

@Pertrelli on Twitter



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