10 British Rap Releases of 2017: Ded Tebiase – Landspeed

‘The album plays like a 90’s hip hop fiend’s wet dream…’
Tim Fish / @gingerslim

It was hard to pick an album for this piece, but that was only due to the fact that 2017 was another ridiculously good year for UK hip hop.

Honourable mentions must go to Children of Zeus, Melanin 9, Babylon Dead, Datkid, Jehst, Ed Scissor & Jam Baxter, Son of Sam, Benaddict and all the other artists who released solid projects this year. In the end, though, I went with an album that I have been returning to more than most – Landspeed by Ded Tebiase.

Boom bap is a genre that is routinely railed against by a lot of rap fans and while a lot of the ‘new’ material that is emerging can be weak and underwhelming, there are a few producers who are still able to capture your attention with that tried and tested headnod formula. Ded Tebiase is one of them and if his 2016 album, Seventy Five, didn’t already convince you of that, then Landspeed should fill in the gaps.


The album plays like a 90’s hip-hop fiend’s wet dream, with dusty drum loops aplenty, but also with enough contemporary twists to win over the more discerning new wave rap fans. As with its predecessor, there is a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, but with more focus on the features side this time round. There is another appearance from fellow Bristol heads, Hozay and Axel Holy (Baileys Brown), as well as local legends, Sir Beanz OBE and Kelz.

Da Flyy Hooligan makes a notable appearance on the excellently titled, Ferrari Loafers, alongside tight features from boom bap enthusiasts, Ash the Author and Parallax, on their respective tracks. There is also a tune with Benaddict, following on from a Ded produced highlight on the Garden of England LP earlier in the year. San Diego’s finest Veks is also on hand for the anthemic, Nine Six Shit.

And as if it wasn’t enough to create such a stunning bit of art for us humble hip-hop lovers, Ded and Village Live announced that the proceeds from the sales of Landspeed would be donated to the charity, Pancreatic Cancer UK. That’s a pretty damn nice thing to do, especially considering they are an independent record label with tight budgets.

So yeah, all this led Landspeed to end up in mine and Offie Mag’s Top 10 British rap albums of 2017 and I hope it works its way into regular rotation with all of you as well.

Listen to Landspeed on Spotify

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Check out more from Tim Fish at https://gingerslim.wordpress.com/

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