10 British Rap Releases of 2017: Stinkin Slumrok & Morriarchi – Morrstinkin

‘It’s a bloody big record. Both in a metaphorical sense and a literal one with almost an hour of hard-hitting tracks from one of the most underrated rappers in the country.’

‘Who else is even making that sound, right now?’ asked Lee Scott, on a day when we were supposed to be asking the questions.

We were interviewing the Blah Records cult leader for the cover story of Offie Mag ISSUE ONE and, amongst many other things, he spoke passionately about what was then a recently released album on his label; Morrstinkin.

Combining the gritty, room filling and room shaking production of Morriarchi, with the slimy, often darn right disgusting lyrics of Stinkin Slumrok, this album is one that created the sounds of a very old school London hip-hop record – the sound Lee was referring too. And it’s a really bloody big record, too, both in a metaphorical sense and a literal one with almost an hour of hard-hitting tracks from one of the most underrated rappers in the country.

Slummy gave us Don Pong in 2015 – a very strong debut EP – but this, with one of the most consistent beatmakers in the country, has projected the whole swampful of talent that the Blah man has. He brings a breathless flow on tracks like Madness, the first to be shared back in January with an AboveGround directed video. Then, on cuts like Duhduh and Early In The Morning featuring the masterful Trellion, Morri slows it down and Stinkin brings that more saggy, trance-inducing approach, making you nod your head like Churchill the dog.

Other cult features from young Blah cats like Black Josh and Bisk make this a step into the new generation of the label, whilst an OG in the form of Salar gives it a COTD seal of approval on the track Buggington Smyth. This one, with a subtle sampling of the inimitable Barebase from a Brick Pelican tune mixed with a Quasimoto classic, is like Morriarchi flexing his own muscle on the record. The producer who released one of the albums of 2016, too with Buggzville Sessions, provides the occasional interlude with soundbites plucked from god only knows where, as he and Slummy collide to create the best duet since Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman.

Slumrok brings some ignorance, some intelligence and some biographical lyrics throughout the jam-packed album, as he displays not only his sense of humour on these tracks, but also his range as a lyricist. The Blah Showcase that launched this album way back at the start of the year, was a fitting celebration of what was to be a big year for Blah. More to come from them in 2018, no doubt…

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