New Manchester Hip-Hop: Dubbul-O – Smoka-Motive

As the days move on and the word spreads, Off Licence Magazine’s email inbox gets busier and busier, with some serious British rapping talent sending us stuff to listen to and play on our radio shows.

Few emails were more welcome than the one that contained a link to a sick new EP from Manchester rapper, Dubbul-O, who brings even more Mancunian magic to the mic with a feature from Children of Zeus’ Tyler Daley on Smoka-Motive. The Room 2 Records release is a 7 track collection of several jazzy beats that play as a cohesive listening pleasure, but Dubbul-O mixes up his flow from more relaxed approaches like on Do What You Can (feat Tyler Daley) and then going fully skippy on cuts like the title track, Smoka-Motive.

In the Mix was the first track Dubbul-O shared off the project, with the music video accompanying an old school feeling hip-hop tune, feeling so due to a chanty hook and plenty of record scratching. Produced by Mankub, this is another strong track off an EP that’s available via Bandcamp on a ‘Name your price’ basis. Check it out.

Find it on Bandcamp.

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