Tim&Barry TV is coming back

For the kids who were glued to YouTube at the back end of the last decade, Tim&Barry TV will hold a special place in your hearts and on your YouTube subscription list – and they’re making a return.

The videographers were on the forefront of capturing what was going on in the grime scene as it was bubbling to the point of exploding like it has now, with names like Tempa T, Jme, Giggs and Skepta appearing before their cameras. Tempa T’s Next Hype was one of their hits that went truly viral, bringing the character of the MC to the fore with what were to become iconic visuals of him shouting at Westwood, dragging curtain rails off the wall, kicking HD* TVs off stands and flipping mattresses.

*TV was definitely not HD ready.

They also put out D Double E’s Street Fighter Riddim video and countless classic live freestyles that helped to put the scene on computer screens across the nation and surely now, the world. And now, years on, they’re going to start doing the same again.

They’ve got a series of freestyles already filmed and ready to roll out with the likes of Novelist, Jammz, Skengdo & AM, PK, Mez, Belly Squad, Big Zuu and more set to drop each day from the end of January 2018. New videos with some of the scenes newest and upcoming stars will get us closer once again to a scene that has expanded into Britain’s mainstream music sphere.

Through their often gritty coverage of artists and freestyles, Tim&Barry TV returning to what they do best promises to be a nostalgic trip set at 140BPM.


It’s 2018 now, so follow them on Instagram and Twitter if you don’t want to miss anything.


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