NEW FINESSE THA WORLD: Wzrd Yoshi – Désolé

Coming from Finesse Tha World, London rapper Wzrd Yoshi has dropped the visuals for one of the biggest tracks off of his recently released EP, Everything I Touch Turns Gold.

Yoshi first came to Offie Mag’s attention in Lithuania of all places, killing a live set at AboveGround’s exhibition out in chilly Vilnius. Bringing some of that energy to this chest-shakingly bassy track, Désolé gives you a pretty good taste of the whole aforementioned EP. Capturing all of the swag that was embodied in a vintage Kappa two-piece picked up in and worn on that same night in Lithuania, Yoshi and the FTW gang flex without even a millilitre of guilt in these visuals.

The collective is putting out a heap of new music at the minute, with the likes of Yvng Finesse featuring on Yoshi’s project and putting out solo stuff, whilst Jatzdakid’s strong Just Another Kid 2 dropped across all your usual streaming services just 10 days ago.

Finesse Tha World are showing the diversity of underground hip-hop in this country, putting forward more modern US-sounding cuts as opposed to some of the boom-bap stuff that people usually like to label as ‘underground’ – whatever that even means. Labels and tags aside, check what this lot are doing and if you’re feeling Désolé, check Yoshi’s full project on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

(Header image by @2Pasauliai)


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