NEW slowthai VISUALS: T N Biscuits

Northampton MC, slowthai is continuing to ride the wave of hype that’s surrounding him at the minute, releasing some very wavey new visuals for the tune, T N Biscuits.

Crossing boundaries between the various subgenres that are bubbling in this country at the minute, the young rapper is cooking up his own original sound at the minute – thus all the talk around him from the likes of Radar, Complex and more in the past 12 months.

T N Biscuits continues whatever slowthai’s sound is. He brings energetic flows worthy of rave reloads, reminiscent of grime as that D Double E reference would suggest. Yet, his ability to slow it down with catchy hook-like bars moves him towards hip-hop influences, before that massive bass throws in a modern trappy element. Basically, here’s another artist that doesn’t need to be boxed into a genre and that, more than anything, underlines how exciting slowthai is.

Original, refreshing and kind of jokes if you’ve seen him going wild on social media at shows and on selfie cam, keep an eye on this fresh breath of toxicity into the UK’s hip-hop scene. It was back in 2016 when his tune ‘Jiggle’ put him on the underground map, but now he’s starting to find his own route.


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