Tropicalé are bringing Jus Now to Brighton tonight…


“It’s about that late night delirium, when your main brain turns off. You start to bounce off each other. Switching off the rigidity of communication. That night time zone when you’re just loose and you rock out! You know it’s right when you find the sun’s coming up and you’re jumping around the studio to the track you’ve just made. You’re laughing and laughing and you just don’t want it to end!”

Jus Now are bringing all kinds of fun to your Friday

If there were ever a way to sum up what the duo are about and where Jus Now’s music comes from it would be the above. They are governed by fun. Governed by energy. Governed by that feeling one rarely feels in all its purity. That incomprehensibly genuine experience of pure, unadulterated joy.

You know, when you’re smiling and you don’t even know why. Your legs are moving and however hard you try you can’t stop them. As their bio says, ‘just about every significant event in Jus Now’s existence has taken place at a party, or in its aftermath. You can hear this channelled through their music… it’s the spirit of the carnival.

Their inception is also an ode to how wonderful the converging of two cultures can be – in this case that of Trinidad and Bristol. The pair, Sam and Keshav, met at a Bristolian Drum & Bass night in 2007. Both were making music under the aliases Interface and LazaBeam respectively so they connected via MySpace, began chatting and listening to each other’s music.

Their shared love of Jungle and Drum & Bass from across two different sides of the Atlantic fascinated them, and a couple of years later they re-joined in Sam’s studio in Bristol. The session went well and Keshav invited Sam to come stay with him in Trinidad if he ever went. After a long-term relationship, unfortunately, broke down Sam decided to fly out and on arrival completely fell in love with the place, the culture, the music… everything.

“I fully embraced the party lifestyle of the island during Carnival season and it was during those hungover mornings in Trinidad when the first Jus Now tracks were born”.

Indeed each member was born in the shadow of some of the biggest parties on the planet – Trinidad Carnival and Glastonbury – so it comes as no surprise that their sound is shaped by these atmospheres.

The island of Trinidad is a particular point of reference seeing as it is home to one half of Jus Now, and a regular destination for the other. But their sound encapsulates more than just this – it’s never about just one place, one genre, one atmosphere… You can hear echoes from across the world in their creations. When you plug your ears into Jus Now you’re listening to the sound of rhythms and melodies that truly transcend borders in their pursuit to make people dance and ultimately enjoy themselves.

Paying respect to ancient and modern cultures like an indigenous tribe that just got handed the technology of today.”

It’s this phrase they use to describe the project in an introductory video, and you can hear it in their music – less constrained to a genre as much as an atmosphere or deep cultural understanding. Their back catalogue is an eclectic mix of tempos and styles yet at the same time you always know when it’s a Jus Now song you’re listening to. On the one hand you have the brutal bass driven Power Soca of “One Time”, a definite favourite that does serious damage to the dance floor. Whilst on the other you have the slower-paced and infectiously happy sound of cuts like “She Doh Know” featuring Chalmer John.

If you haven’t got the picture yet, Jus Now are not an act you want to miss. It’s rare you find an outfit so unique in today’s underground club music scene. It’s fitting really that Tropicalé, purveyors of carnival inspired underground music from across the world, would be the ones to bring them back to Brighton. If you’ve been to one of their parties before you’ll know they’re not ones to shy away from some extravagant décor either – this time around the Patterns basement will be turned into a sweltering tropical paradise.

Completing the line-up are Brighton wonder-kid Hamdi, Riphco. and the Tropicalé residents Baloo, Movement and RVB. This is set to be a really rather fun fiesta. Get your name on the event page for 5 quid entry tonight.

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