Remulak’s hip-hop production is a bit special.

That’s something that was clear after his 2017 release on Village Live Records – the label that he co-owns. Earth enveloped tunes like On The Atlas, a deep, classic sounding hip-hop beat that has notched over half a million Spotify streams. That tune also played the role of canvas as Black Josh painted it lyrically for a once unreleased banger, now available as a free download.

However, whilst we wait for brand new Remulak, the producer whose work has been featured on no lesser platform than the BBC, is set to release his 2015 debut EP, Night Sessions on vinyl. Test presses are back with the ever-efficient and consistent Village Live Records, who, in this forthcoming (re)release, are set to send another beautiful piece of instrumental wax into the world.

Ded Tebiase’s Landspeed, alongside Remulak’s Earth, were just two from a huge 2017 from Village, and Natural from Ukranian beatmaker, Klim Beats has already set 2018 off with a strong head bop. Remulak’s new release, though, accompanied by some spacey, lo-fi, sci-fi, everything-fi visuals for the track Windy City, is sure to be another strong press from the Brighton-based label. Check it/them/this out:

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