Murlo brings his mesmerising Audio/Visual show to the Patterns basement this Friday…

This Friday genre-hopping innovator Murlo descends on the Patterns basement bringing his critically acclaimed Audio/Visual show along for the ride.

In today’s clubbing environment Audio/Visual (AV for short) shows are somewhat of a rarity. It’s a shame really; who wouldn’t want to essentially go to the cinema and rave at the same time? Nobody, that’s who. However, for one reason or another, you just don’t see AV shows very often… in steps Murlo.

Any keen fan of his will know that as well as producing a wide variety of genuinely interesting electronic music he is also an aspiring graphic artist. Just look to the cover art of his genre-defying 2015 LP “Odyessey” – released through Mixpak – as confirmation of this. Or, indeed, the video for “Tired Of You”; an anime inspired dystopian narrative centred around a mysterious “Club Coil” (the name of his latest EP).

It’s precisely this “Club Coil” that forms the basis of the graphic universe Murlo has begun to create for his music – something that his Audio/Visual show promises to expand on. A relatively new venture, his first performance was in the Summer of last year at Electrowerkz in London and, after rave reviews, he promptly returned in October, this time taking over the ICA.

Now Murlo is taking his show on the road, and after two successful stops in Bristol and Manchester his next destination is Brighton. The gig revolves around an extended film of his hand-drawn animations projected onstage whilst the talented producer runs us through some of his back-catalogue and a generous helping of new, never heard before, music. Described as “a multi-sensory dance floor experience”, it sounds like an incredibly special venture – one you ought not to miss!

Besides, Murlo’s productions are crafted for exactly this kind of thing. Often hugely cinematic and filled with feeling rather than mere energy, they’re perfectly suited to the accompanying visuals. From what we gather here at Offie Mag HQ the show also has a kind of narrative – it’s not just trippy projections designed to spook you out. It’s a story. A proper piece of sonic and visual art.

Tickets for the occasion are £11, about the price of your average cinema ticket. It’s an earlier show as well so you can still do whatever else you’d like with your Friday night    * cough * Klashnekoff straight after in the same venue * cough * .



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