ALBUM REVIEW: Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy

“Give me Frank Ocean’s voice and James Brown’s stage presence”

‘Twin Fantasy’ is a tour-de-force of ambitious musicianship, emotionally explorative lyrics and cutting humour; it is like The Strokes with a steroid injection of heart and soul.

If you haven’t heard of Car Seat Headrest, then you will soon. Will Toledo’s rasping voice and sardonic lyrics are the driving force of the band; he sounds like a man who has spent all day preparing a delicious meal, but then proceeds to carelessly drop the meal onto the floor, and at that moment helplessly watch it being trampled on by his ex who is simultaneously eating his heart.

“What should I do? Eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, go to bed, go to the store, apply for jobs, go to a friends, go to bed.”

‘Twin Fantasy’ is the CSH’s follow up album to the critically acclaimed and explosive ‘Teens of Denial’, it is a completely re-recorded version of an album that Toledo originally released in 2011 on Bandcamp. The album is a digestion of teenage love, angst and friendship; a visceral portrayal of human fragility and romance, but one laced with humour and self-depreciation. Twin Fantasy is confrontationally self-indulgent, but the sardonic humour and facetiousness of Toledo propels the album forward and saves it from becoming emotionally stodgy.

‘He died in an explosion, of mixed media and poorly written reviews /and some stammering drunk who tried to tell him how good his shit was / That is some good shit, man”

‘Cute Thing’ is a perfect example of the band’s talents which are present throughout the album: ambitious songwriting sewn together with blistering choruses, the song grabs you before veering off course, but then returning with a lung-busting outro. The song is an ode to Toledo’s love for a man who remains nameless throughout the album, it displays Toledo’s lyrics characteristically laden with derisive wit, but also his use of pathos as the song storms to its conclusion Toledo howls “I will sleep naked, next to you, I have loved, like some Stanley Kubrick porn director, casting couple, eyes wide shut for a reason.”

The album mixes everyday frustrations, everyday joys and private pains which make you want to buy Toledo a nice plant, a peanuts book and give him a big ol’ hug.

CSH are unflinchingly self-involved, but the emotion presented is so raw and tender that you can’t help but think they are a hugely significant band.

By Elliot Prior, Offie Mag Resident Poet




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