On International Women’s Day, we celebrate our favourite international woman.

She’s part-Angolan, part-Portuguese, part-mermaid and fully fuckin’ Manchester, mate. She’s IAMDDB.

1. Killing it at The Brits

Her rise in the past 12 months was expressed no clearer than her appearance at the formal arrangement, invite-only, ‘you’re officially famous’ award ceremony that is The Brits.

IAMDDB at The Brits

Once graced by outspoken rockstars like the Gallaghers, Manchester’s latest gift to The Brits was Iamddb making several cameras flash as she arrived on the red carpet. ‘Bad bitch, no underwear,’ indeed.


2. This banger from her Soundcloud catalogue


3. She’s a Cult Member

Her connections with Blah Records, 616 and DVLGNG were in place long before magazines were after her for covers and before she was killing shows across Europe. As fans of all that sweggy goodness that comes the from likes of Salar, Lee Scott, Slummy, Milkavelli, Black Josh et al, her 01616 status goes a long way for us at Offie Mag.

Iamddb 616




4. SHADE, obviously.


5. When she broke the internet (and her nail)

When Diana Debrito dropped this pic on her 22nd birthday this week, a lotta people went nuts. Heart-eye emojis and creepy Instagram comments all over the place. But maybe the most impressive part of this photo is – you know, other than the fact she looks unreal – is the fact she’s done so with only 9 fingernails.

Hoodrich, keeping it G down to every detail. LAAAAAA.







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