Two new ones from slowthai

As the voice sample that runs throughout the first of these two new slowthai tunes preaches, there is an abundance of talent outside of London – and ‘British culture’ spans far more than just the capital.

slowthai proves that as much as anyone else, as the young MC hailing from Northampton, has been creating waves with his own sound. Taking inspiration from all around him – be it grime, rap, hip-hop or trap – slowthai is carving his own lane and speeding through it with solid release and after solid release. These latest two tunes, available across all your favourite and least favourite streaming platforms, display his diversity in flow and content.

The Bottom takes a step away from the grimy nature of T N Biscuitswith less reload bars are more pertinent ones, addressing his stance as a London outsider; “Telling me farmers ain’t got dreams?”

Agriculture aside, slowthai has been greatly received in the big city already but it’s good to see him refuse to water it down “like Evian.” Something that’s continued on the second track, North Nights, as slow touches on his days and nights spent in Northampton and reflects on his growing fame.

With an aggressive delivery at times, yet the ability to ‘slow it down’ as he said before, the rapper really has got something original about him. Whether it’s his energetic, unpredictable performances on stage and on Instagram, or the music that speaks for itself, slowthai is killing it and providing evidence of the talent outside of London.


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