Yogocop announce Frosty Raps: The Tales Of Huff Jenks & King Long

Been waiting a little while for this one.

‘Frosty Raps’ from YGC’s Kemastry and Wundrop, with the most Offie Mag looking artwork you’ll ever see.

These two are two-thirds of The Compound and a couple of reckless living MCs with lyrical content to make your toes curl. Hailing from Brighton, they’ve been steadily putting out music and more importantly, working on it for some time, smashing a few live shows whilst doing so as well.

There are two tracks available already from this project, as we get a taste of Wundrop’s gritty production on Donkey Punch! and Word To Da Frost. They’ve set the tone perfectly, as Wundrop’s genuinely revolting instrumentals make you wanna frown and give ya mate verbal abuse whilst you listen… in a good way, obviously.

You can pre-order this now or wait for it all to drop on March 24th. Catch them at what’s sure to be another sick live show in Brighton on March 16th, too. Friday night and that.

And if you like Yogocop you may as well watch our interview with Mr Slipz whilst you’re at it.


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