ALBUM REVIEW: Danny Lover – Live From The UK

With delivery as sweet as cherry pie and vocals smoother than peanut butter, this is some way to spend a frosty Thursday night with your missus.

By Dylan Robinson

Danny Lover produced one of the standout albums of last year with ‘The Church Restaurant Soundtrack’, and despite being grossly overslept on, his new album ‘Live from the UK’ continues in the same euphoric fashion.

Fellow Blah Records associates Morriarchi and Lee Scott provide the backdrop for everyone’s favourite Canadian to effortlessly slide from popping pills to fucking your bitch, in typical sleazy style. It follows true Lover scripts, reflective insight merged with cocky remarks to keep you smiling, with a touch of nostalgia in ‘Pizza Money’ – and not only because of the obvious link to Homealone in the sample that begins the track. Further on, catchy piano and guitar riffs along with slow distorted drums provide listeners with nearly enough calm to induce a coma, but Danny’s lyricism keeps them starkly awake if only to laugh and admire.

He’s moved with the times, pulling a few of his British counterparts with him. He’s got features from original Children of the Damned member Salar in ‘Tommy Hil’ as well as cult hero Milkavelli in ‘Face.’ That cut also includes some beautiful vocals by Lyza Jane – if you haven’t heard her solo work I’d highly recommend. Her airy voice complements Danny’s perfectly in this track to make for an impressive duet if you will… with Milk third wheeling.

As per most of Lover’s albums, it’s the beats that set him aside from the rest of the Blah crew and the same is true here, although this time they’re not provided by the late 19thousand who has gifted Danny with a treasure chest of beats since his departure. This is easy listening rap; no aggression or anger. Just serene escapism for you and your better half to enjoy. Danny’s even going to grace the UK across April and May as part of the Cult of the Damned Civilised Tour, I for one won’t be missing that ritual.



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