MUSIC REVIEW: Rawkid – Grum, vol. 1

Catch me in Doncaster… pimping a gyppo

Before getting onto this triumphant return from Northern MC, Rawkid, let’s backtrack for some context to this banger from four years ago; the Trellion produced Grum 6.5.


That was some of the Bad Taste Recordings rapper’s fittingly most raw work to date, but this new 10 track project offers a more complete collection of music from an energetic spitter. On a diverse range of beats, all of which are nuts, Rawkid often brings the most grimy of flows over typically slick production from the Bad Taste guys.

He brings a lot of humour to this, mugging off certain types in the British rap game right now, coming from what is still a fairly unique perspective of a northerner in a London dominated scene – that is, how much of the media see it, at least. He’s mocking rappers who are loud on Instagram but aren’t putting out music. He’s urging whoever’s been talking shit about him to fix up on Research. On the eery instrumental used on Hide and Seek, he and Kyro slap such characters in the face whilst calling out those in their debt. On Steve Harvey, RK’s addressing his own absence from music and reintroducing himself back into the game like he hadn’t already done so on the previous 7 tracks prior.

As mentioned more than once, instrumentally Grum, Vol.1 is unreal. It could’ve been put out as an instrumental tape and still banged, but the way Rawkid explores every break in the beat, every spooky sound with a ranging voice, some scatty adlibs or yet another creative description of what he’s gonna do to your girl means you’d miss him like a limited edition white chocolate KitKat chunky if he wasn’t there.

The ‘tape is available on Bandcamp and streamable on Spotify. If you’re into grime or you simply like your hip-hop to be all-action, fast-paced or at the very least, original, Offie Mag suggests you press play on Grum, vol.1.


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