With one of Brighton’s premier events just around the corner, we here at Offie Mag decided to do a little enticing soundbite based list-article-pamphlet-polemic thingy. Anyway, here’s 5 things we like about you, TGE…


TGE sits in the middle of May, meaning it denotes the start of summer. Sort of. It’s one the first times in the Brighton calendar when you start to see people pottering about in t-shirts, usually wet ones as a result of the pouring rain. The warmth is there, though – fear not.


1.5: Street Drinking

At any other time of the year, if you were seen sitting on the pavement outside a church with a can of Tyskie balanced precariously against your folded legs, you might have a philanthropic coin tossed your way. Not during TGE. Add some stylised garments to this equation and something other than organ music spilling from the church, and you’ve got yourself a classic street drinking Great Escaper. Lovely.

TWO: International Flavour

Fancy seeing an artist from Chile? Estonia? South Korea? Egypt? Canada? Iceland? Palestine? TGE has always tried to put on an array of music from a good swathe of old mother earth. This is something we’re into. Offie Mag.


Leks Rivers interview
Leks Rivers performed in a church last year.

There aren’t many festivals out there where your local pub becomes a venue in which one of your favourite artists will perform (that is unless your favourite is that drunk bloke who sings in your pub). However, that was the case at 2017’s festival when Montreal’s Homeshake performed above The Hare and Hounds, seconds away from Offie Mag’s HQ of AMPM Stores. Add to this All Saints Church, Horatio’s on the Pier, the cheesy nightclub that is Shoosh plus iconic Brightonian spots like Prince Albert, Green Door Store and the Old Market and you’ve got a really special setting for your festival.

four: the app

We’re not even being paid to write this. The Great Escape App is actually class. With so much going on across so many venues, planning is key and the app helps you to do that for completely free. It’ll send you a reminder that ‘Kamaal Williams starts in ten minutes’ or that you need to get yourself to the pier to see Yellow Days kill it again, as well as giving you directions to your desired venue if you’re not a local.


(This guy is on the line-up)



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