Birthday cake emojis.

The iconic Amsterdam hip-hop festival has been a hub for the culture and the music in the Dutch capital for as long as we’ve been in this millennium, as it turns 18 in 2018.

So what has it got planned to celebrate adulthood? Nando’s with the whole squad before pre-drinks at their Mum’s house and a minibus to Oceana? Nah, mate.

Rather, they’ve got a masterful line-up of international hip-hop, rap, trap and grime, scattered all around their usual scenic Flevopark venue in the heart of the city.

What’s more is that they’ve paid tribute to hip-hop history with some very cool, very classy promo for the whole thing. See popular Amsterdam group SMIB dressed as N.W.A, North London selectah, Amy Becker as Missy Elliot and the likes of Dizzee, Biggie and Lil Kim all honoured in a really well-thought-out pre-festival spectacle.

As for the line-up itself, you can expect to see some of finest UK acts on the bill, too. Those that have been working hard in the underground have found space on the line-up, as the captivating Northampton MC, slowthai is heading to the Kingdom of the Netherlands this time around. Also, some BBK residents are set to take stage as DJ Maximum is on the bill, as well as none other than Grime Godfather, Wiley.

Add the drummer Yussef Dayes to that mix, or maybe a bit of Madlib and a splash of Biig Piig, and you’ve got yourself more reasons to visit Amsterdam this summer than just tulips.



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