Appelsap is Amsterdam’s biggest celebration of hip-hop every year and this time around, the festival is turning 18. 

The festival, always tastefully promoted and deliciously branded as any Dutch speakers would expect from their name, has been celebrating it’s blossoming into adolescence with references to iconic hip-hop records. We’ve seen those on the line-up dressing up as hip-hop legends as the fest nears it’s much awaited 18th birthday celebration.

Now, with the summer basically here and Appelsap ’18 fast approaching, it’s about time we told you the five acts that we don’t want to miss in Flevopark. And we’re going to use our weekly click bait article to do so…

By Brickcellphone

SMIB is a collective of geniuses from Amsterdam. Not only do they make incredible stylish clothing under the brand Sumibu, stocked in the likes of Zeedijk 60 where you may or may not find a copy of Offie Mag ISSUE ONE, but they are the lifeblood of a young creative scene in Amsterdam.

Plus, Ray Fuego is a member sooooo… DO NOT MISS THESE. Not many of the Amsterdammers in the crowd will be missing them, either, so prepare for a packed out crowd.

Jacin Trill.png

One of the best young Trap artists around, 19-year-old Jacin Trill has an incredible diverse and defined sound. V cool, v swaggy and another Amsterdam native, he’ll also be playing to a home crowd that’s gonna have a lot of love for him. It’s definitely going to pop off for this guy.

As the sound of the hook on the above track suggests, when this one goes off in front of a Dutch crowd who can actually make sense of it, it’s gonna make for a really surreal performance from Jacin Trill, especially for the #BritsAbroad among the crowd.



I am biased when writing about Wik, as I honestly, wholeheartedly believe he’s one of the best rappers of our generation. He is well and truly the voice of New York.

SEE THIS GUY. Very glad he’s on the lineup. He killed what, in comparison, was a very humble gig at Green Door Store in Brighton a couple months back, but this promises to be a very different experience from one-third of the underground legends, Ratking.


Yussef Dayes.pngSurely one of the best percussionists on the planet? The guy used to be a main member of London based Jazz outfit, Yussef Kamaal, whose only release is sure to stand as an iconic release regardless of whether or not they ever reform.

But now, he’s making music of his own and Yussef is definitely not to be missed on a Flevopark stage. A drumming masterclass awaits you lot with tickets in Amsterdam.



BIIG PIIG is an exciting talent emerging from London, via the Republic of Ireland. That gorgeous accent comes across in a great singing voice which will then confuse the shit out of you when she drops a fire rap in Spanish.

We’ve been listening to her for a little while at Offie Mag and her recently dropped and brilliantly-named ‘Big Fan of the Sesh Vol. 1‘ is on our Music of the Month from May. However, we’re yet to catch this member of the fledgling nine8collective live just yet. Appelsap provides us with that opportunity.

By Brickcellphone

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