Offie Mag Music of the Month: JUNE

Alongside our weekly radio shows, we like to compile a list of some newly released music each month – some you might already know about, some you may not. But that’s the point, innit?

Offie Mag Music of the Month June 2018

First off is our top pick…

Gyles Bartle.png

Our pick of the month comes from 20 year-old electronic producer and rapper Gyles Bartle who hails from the confines of Greenwich, South London…

Gyles Bartle 96

96 introduces the artist’s playful lyrical format – having only previously been active as a producer under the guise of Gylzey, a Soundcloud profile cruising at a comfortable altitude of 22.7k followers. On this project, he ventures onto the mic, spinning wobbling plates as he produces, MCs and sings.

Lead track You sets the scene: crispy percussion, floating synth elements, and glitchy vocals that weave nicely within. All the moodiness and minimalism of a 4am cruise down the M25, Clackett Lane, BLT on dash.  

Days Apart steers the EP gently into 808 territories with softer, more sparse instrumentation, bringing a more vivid vocal delivery from Bartle. Standout track 9th Flr rounds the five-track EP out with a hazy breakbeat sample prowling over fuck me what a synth line. A little can go a long way. 

All this audio combined with an equally minimal cover art that makes for a first-class journey of an EP. A worthy choice for our Pick of the Month, we’re looking forward to choo-tuning into more from Gyles further down the line… off-peak.


Trellion Compound



Sniff and Lyza

Staying on the cult-side of town, here comes an intriguing project from Blah Records…

Will Sniff has teamed up with the angelic vocals of Lyza for a full-length EP of juxtaposing brilliance, as one of Sheffield’s finest but dirtiest rappers wonderfully fills in the gaps between sweet hooks from his opposite number. Released on tape, this is the first time Lyza has had a physical release on Blah and featuring production from both her and Sniff, as well Lee Scott, this is one not to slept on.


Gemini Aaliyah.png

This song is a reason why is always open. I mean. don’t send us too much spam and make sure you’re polite and don’t call us ‘off-license’ or ‘OLM,’ but yeah…

First time we heard this we were like ‘yeah, beat’s hard,’ then Gemini comes with these dark yet gentle vocals, so far removed from the standard trap lyrics that an instrumental such as this can often provide a platform for. She’s calling it ‘Alt-Trap’ on Soundcloud which is an accurate description, as she combines what is very much the ‘in’ genre with something of real sustenance. A really solid tune from the Leeds-based singer and producer.


DXVL Virgil Hawkins.png

The sheer size of London means that even in the underground scene there’s a seemingly infinite amount of talent – some of which you can see blowing up.

The production of DXVL is somethng that proves that the above is true, as he invites the consistently sick Virgil Hawkins to hop on this spacey track that opens his February release, in the cloud vol. 1. The video is brand new though and for this tune, Hawkins is joined by athlete (yeah) and frequent collaborator BLVD. His verse – or more so his flow – brings a change in tempo from the more experimental vocals previously laid down from Virgil in what is a strong track fitting of the entire project.


Oscar Jerome BalaamiNot so much an underground talent, but Oscar Jerome is another Londoner who’s put out some good sounds this month.

Giving you something of a solo jam to enjoy, here, Oscar performs the first track off of his excellent EP, ‘Where Are Your Branches? (Where Is Your Fruit?)‘ for Balamii’s video series, Out Of The Blue.


Morriarchi on Balaami

Could easily put the Blah Records producer in our Music of the Month every time, such as this quality of his two-four funk-friendly monthly show on the aforementioned Balamii. This month seems the most fitting to squeeze Morri’s broadcast into our music selection, though, as not only were a couple Offie Mag heads bopping about with cameras during his show, but it also featured Bisk ahead of the release of their album this month.



Lewis Parker and Verbz.png

This one’s a bit special.

A true veteran of British hip-hop combines with one of the brightest young talents around, as Lewis Parker and Verbz combine on classic production from Mr Dusty Vinyl.

No matter how much you listen to other genres or even just other strands of hip-hop, you can always come back to the old school sounding stuff and appreciate it just the same. LP’s one of the best to make this sound and keep an eye on Croydon’s Verbz if you’re not doing so already.


Puma Blue Moon Undah Water

Offie Mag favourite, Puma Blue has also got something new for you all this month as he’s provided visuals for his ridiculously pleasant song, Moon Undah Water.

Even saying the name of this song triggers a rendition of the riff around Offie Mag HQ and so we’re pleased to be provided with some visuals for it other than InDesign windows and Gmails. The visual side of his craft is important to Jacob Allen, too, as he told us during a 5 minutes with earlier this year. No surprise then that the drapes match the curtains. Great music. Great visuals.


Greentea Peng.png

Not only is her name a fact, but Greentea Peng is also an exciting talent to sample a taste of right now.

Working with Earbuds whose production you’ll know from working with slowthai, she’s got a soulful sound and on this one, something of a Homeshakey vibe, even. This is thanks to bubbly production, ambitious vocals and some revealing lyrics that lead to you wanting to know more about this self-confessed ‘outsider.’

A sizeable list this month which can only be a good thing. Check May’s offering if you missed it and go buy Offie Mag ISSUE ONE before they run out.


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