Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar: Ash the Author

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Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that. Follow him @brickcellphone and listen to him spin some of these artists on Friday afternoons on Platform B.

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Ash Murphy AKA Ash The Author – full-time time drinker, full-time legend and probably the best MC on the planet – was born and raised in Reading.

His humble Berkshire beginnings are set at Holdin’ Court nights which led to him becoming the host of the show. Since then, he has been featured on BBC 1xtra’s BBC Introducing: Track of the Week, put out a very sick album with producer, Krang, and featured on the critically acclaimed Landspeed project from UK heavyweight beatmaker, Ded Tebiase. We also did a little something with Ash on an Offie Mag Radio show way back when. (It was March 2018.)

Ash the Author, who’s sound are you fucking with the most at the moment?

There are a lot of people I’m digging at the moment, UK-wise and from across the pond. My current Spotify go-to’s are; The Internet, NxWorries and slowthai. The production on slowthai’s stuff is outrageous! My favourite rapper at the moment is probably Benaddict. He’s a good mate and extremely talented. His album, Teal has firmly secured a place in my all-time greats list – it helped me through some rough times and it’s an amazing body of work. Big up Slim and Ella too!

What are you currently working on and can we expect a follow up to Two Man Band this year?

I’m actually working on a fair few bits tbh.

I’m working on a new album with a producer called Nick Roberts. It’s a very different project from my previous work and I’m really excited about it, hopefully it’ll see the light of day sooner rather than later. I’m also working on new material with Opus Dice and an EP with Hybrid Freqs on Cultured Sounds – we’re really trying to build something with this, including some vinyl releases. Whether or not we’ll see a direct follow up to TMB is yet to be seen, but hopefully one day me and Krang will make another classic.

Ash the Author interview.jpg
Ash the Author performing to gun fingers varying in quality.

You play a lot of festivals. Is that something you enjoy?

It’s true I’ve done a fair few festivals in my time. Some have been great and some have been complete pony!  I always look forward to getting off my face with the YGC crew, it’s always a party when the Dreebers are in town.

*Shouts to Yogocop Records*

You’ve worked with some renowned producers including Ded Tebiase. Who’s production do you rate the most and is there anyone that you’re desperate to work with?

Working with Ded was a pleasure, I hope we can make more bangers together sometime! One of my favourites is Sam Zircon, I’ve known the guy for years and he’s only got better since Swagbasco dropped I’ve been hassling him for beats.

Hopefully one day he’ll submit and we can make the weirdest and most wonderful record ever crafted. If we’re talking dream collab though, it’s gotta be Pete Rock. The guys a living legend, I’d die a happy man if I ever got to work with Pete.

What’s your go-to off-licence lager?

You know what, I’m quite partial to a Heineken brew, but if I’m looking to get completely lagging it’s gotta be something Polish!

Off Licence Magazine

Anything else to say, promote, complain about, shout out etc, now is your chance.

Big up Offie Mag and Brickcellphone! Massive love to Holdin’ Court, The Rubikon Don, BBP, Oliver Sudden, DFN, Yogocop Records and anyone else I forgot or don’t actually give a shit about! Drink beers, make good music, live long and prosper and all that other motivational shit! Peace!

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