VIAL LIFE: An interview with a world champion…

Weirdly and wonderfully, if you’re into a certain realm of British hip-hop, you may have come across a couple of Canadian rappers before.

With one of them, the inimitable Danny Lover being a Blah member and the other, Lukey Luscious, joining the whole cult on their nationwide tour earlier this summer, their hip-hop fashioned in the mountains of  British Columbia, has travelled to Britstol, Brighton, Exeter and elsewhere. Offie Mag regular, Dylan, has been chatting to one half of the duo, following their latest release; the fittingly named, WORLD CHAMPIONS…

Luke Luscious.png

By Dylan Robinson

Despite being located some nearly 4000miles away from myself, thanks to the wonders of digital letters I managed to have a little chat with Lukey Luke about his and Danny’s newest venture – which I did have on loop til my Betron headphones unfortunately vanished (if found report to Despite their absence though, the tune, lyrics and smooth, self-assured vibe of this album have been left very permanently in my cranium.

First of all, big up Vial Life. It was good seeing you at the cotd tour in Bristol, it went off.

“Thank you, I enjoyed the whole tour, but Bristol definitely was a stand out crowd.”

This release really showcases a variety of beats and flows, how long has this been in the works?

“Well, Danny flew out to stay at my place in Revelstoke, British Columbia, back on November 1st. He was here for 6 weeks and left just before Christmas. Pretty much sorted it all out in that time, eh. 

It was all recorded in the mountains of Canada. Thats where I hide, in a small ski town.”

It sounds like a place of true creativity, and the pace the album was completed owes homage to the dedication and enjoyment the artists clearly have for producing together. All the little background vocals and skits underline a group of creatives having some fun, which is what it’s all about, but at the same time continuing their rather unique Vial Life legacy which I’d like to think is far from over.

Vial Life on the COTD tour. Photo by @ourlordandsaviourmrb.

The beats are real special, as always, RIP the late great 19thou$and. How does the selection process work, can you just tell when you’ve got a good beat?

“Literally just sitting, relentlessly digging through thousands of beats. 19thou$and made a lot, he sat there for years producing. As far as finding the ones we need to fit a project it’s more of a mood thing, sometimes we hit play and it’s like BAMMMM DONE!”

Theirs is such a unique situation to be in, with the almost mythical 19thou$and leaving behind an array of beats that Danny and Lukey regularly grace. Such a selection allows for a variety of moods to be set immediately on any one track, which makes their sound so listenable.

The mood on this piece varies, as all Vial Life records tend to. We tackle taking on the world, battling depression, blind hedonism, and an equilibrium of pessimism and optimism which makes for an album with a palette of purely poetic pieces amongst strokes of beat-making genius, all served on a sheet of sublime superiority.

Sextape has to get a mention – I never saw Vial life do double timing like that – can we expect more of this?

“I heard that one and it instantly reminded me of a “Trilla” from ASAP’s LiveLoveASAP, produced by Sweet Lou. We both sat there drinking and smoking with the beat on loop and wanted to have some fun. Thats pretty much how it happened. I can’t say if it will happen again or not.”

Leaving it open there, thankfully, because this tune is something else. Now you say it, I can only ever imagine this tune being devised in that manner. It’s just so much fun and the reality of it’s creation makes perfect sense. It’s my favourite track of the album but who gives a fuck about that, listen to the whole thing.

Also, good seeing Jam Baxter on a tune. What’s it like working with him, will we see more of this maybe?

He was itching to get on something Vial. We contacted him and it so happened that it was his last day going to the studio in Thailand. He hit us back quick and it was a done deal. He was also back in England when we visited so I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in the studio with him.”

A slow, methodical beat, narrated and christened nicely by Luke, the track featuring Baxter is another highlight. With quality verses from Danny Lover and Baxter, himself, it’s a pair of rappers I never imagined a collab between in my wildest dreams. But this imaginative, dreamy-like project had the power to make such things happen, clearly.

This is another solid joint from the Vial Life boys, turning into men in the accomplished, composed nature we’ve become more than happy to comply with. Other standout tracks for me include SKATE, JELLYBEANZ and of course, VISIONS. This album states its concept on the rather unique, screensaver-worthy cover art, holding the title aloft. These guys are WORLD CHAMPIONS.

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