Jazz in Brighton #5: PENYA GUEST MIX

No one can deny the irrepressible force of British jazz music right now, as an abundance of artists are bursting out of London and elsewhere, bringing a once slept-on genre to the masses at festivals and shows.

And our own city of Brighton is getting a piece it over the next few months, with the likes of Joe-Armon Jones, Yussef Dayes, Yazmin Lacey and Ezra Collective passing through our seagull-heavy town. We’re looking to do our best to cover it on the magazine front, but you’d all be wise to get yourself down to shows arranged by the likes of One Inch Badge, Mr Bongo and Patterns.

Penya Patterns.png

Throughout this series, we’ve learned the effects of being categorised as ‘jazz’ and experienced the genre-crossing, boundary-pushing nature of the artists featured in full effect. Arguably, few do this to as much of an extent as Penya, who are next up on Mr Bongo’s Jazz Club.

Filling the Patterns Basement, this collective of multi-instrumentalists, led by Magnus PI, sound like they’ve sampled the entire planet earth for their unique sound. People are hitting them with words like Afro-Latin, World Music and more, as they provide hours of funks, grooves and rhythms that for the most part, defy genres and shake-off tags.

We’re delighted to have an exclusive mix from them to mark their imminent arrival in our hometown so please, find time for this 20-odd minutes of magic from them.

‘I’ve focused the mix on Penya’s own output,’ says Magnus, explaining the audio file as we received it. ‘There’s stuff from our LP, Superliminal, and our upcoming Superliminal Remixed EP, plus the output of producers that we’re working with currently.’

Elsewhere is one from the Italian DJ and producing powerhouse, Clap! Clap!, who Magnus acknowledges as a ‘major influence.’ Even regular Penya listeners won’t recognise track 4 which is an exclusive tune from a single dropping next month.


1) Penya – Cham Bomb (Photay remix)  – On the Corner Records

2) Penya – Search it out (reboot) – On the Corner Records

3) Clap! Clap! – Ode To The Pleiades (Photay Remix) –  Astro Nautico

4) Penya – Why So Angry LIVE at the fish factory, feat. Sarathy Korwar  – On the Corner Records

5) Dengue Dengue Dengue – Haarp  – On the Corner Records 

6) DJ Khalab  – Aeh – On the Corner Records

7) Penya – Iyesa – On the Corner Records

If you like what you hear, be sure to grab a ticket to see Penya at Patterns.

Brighton Jazz


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