SHOOK: The all-female DJ collective taking over Patterns

A forward-thinking all-female collective, SHOOK, prides itself in celebrating underground club-music culture.

Brining Jungle and Footwork flavours to the London and Brighton dance-floors, SHOOK’s last sold-out event hosted some of the finest selectors in the game from Hyper-dub founder Kode9 to Bristol’s tastemaker L-U-C-Y and the notorious NTS-resident & gal-dem DJ Fauzia.


With their first takeover of Patterns coming Friday night  – one that will see none other than Shy-One get the basement moving – it felt like a good time to get in touch with the team behind it all. Amongst the crew, their resident DJ, Fauzia, who has been making moves of her own on this journey so far.

What was the thinking behind the collective being female only?

We started SHOOK for the love of music, aiming to start-up something different and unique. We have remained a close team and as females, we understand how it can be difficult in a male-dominated industry. Female promoters, in general, are harder to come by and although this has its challenges we aim to make an impact within the scene. Essentially highlighting talented women DJ’s is something that comes naturally to us.

How excited are you to have Shy-One coming through?

Since we started SHOOK, Shy-One has been on our radar to work with. We love her sound because she isn’t afraid to be different and versatile in her field. Her latest EP ‘Spoons’ speaks for itself and shouldn’t be slept on.

Fauzia, what has been your personal DJ-ing highlight so far?

Would have to be Boiler Room or my birthday party! It was crazy to see that many people coming down to support and they were both very overwhelming experiences. Felt that it was a pivotal moment in my career so far.

As London natives operating in Brighton, how do the nightclub scenes of each city compare?

The London underground club-scene is on a much bigger scale in London. A bigger market for Jungle, Footwork and Club in the capital makes it easier for SHOOK to establish itself. This can be seen with our last London sold-out event with a headliner Kode-9. As some of us are still Brighton-based we want to commit to bringing the club-culture to the Brighton people.

What are you getting from an offie on Friday night before you hit up Patterns?

A can of Ting and Cherry B obviously.

shook brighton.png

If this all sounds like a bit of you, you can get a ticket here.

Check out our latest music video while we’ve got you…


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