For a special edition of Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar, let us introduce you to Sly Fieri… the Brighton artist has dropped his debut track and visuals with Off Licence Magazine.

It’s Sly’s first music video and Offie Mag’s second, as the rapper brings his minimal sound truly public for the first time. For Brighton locals tapped into their rap scene, this song has been in the heads of many for some time and it’s a pleasure to officially bring into the world.

sly fieri interview

This is someone that we’ve been excited by for a while and one of the nicest blokes I had the pleasure of meeting last year. We also had the pleasure of shooting his first music video for a very sick tune called Fine Line, which you can see above.

Big Sly, what’s up, what you been doing with yourself?

Ayyyyyyyy whattttt, you’re too kind, Brick, stop it you’re making me blush.

I’ve been busy bro ngl this ball is finally rolling, hours spent sat on the dining room table finally coming to life man. Show after show after show, I’m growing. Fine Line is about to show a little piece of me. You guys have plugged me for this one, love to Greg especially. 2019 is looking muad already, some real real real stuff both solo and collab coming very soon. Love to everyone supporting the vision already.

It isn’t just solo stuff you’re working on, can you tell us a bit about Nokia Mansion? How does the Nanshen sound differ from your own solo stuff?

Nokia Mansion is me and yung RAF LYCHEE – it’s the birth of something we’ve been looking for for a while now. All I can say is we’ve been writing like psychos, writing on the wall shit, bro. Erratic.

Nanshen is genuinely just a mash-up of both of our visions, I wouldn’t say it differs too far from my personal style either, really. We just do our shit and always stay evolving.

What tunes have you been bangin recently? Has there been anything major that influences you?

There’s been some serious stuff released recently, I’m very proud to be British and in the industry right now.

Man like Para Fiction, Lilthaiprince, Gorge, Louie Levack and even My young king Raf’s solo stuff. Yooooo. Always inspiring me.

What three Offie snacks do you find yourself buying the most?

Ko Lee Ramen, Twix and Peach Aloe Vera juice.

Sly Fieri.png

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