BURR 18: Raf


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

Follow him @brickcellphone and listen to him spin some of these artists on Offie Mag Radio. You can also read Brickcellphone’s interviews with Lava La Rue, Virgil Hawkins and v7backin2007, in the latest issue of Offie Mag.


Meet Young Bador aka RAF. One of the best new artists Brighton has to offer, bringing that energy. 

Coming up through Audio Active, learning from his seniors at Yogocop and hopping on every open mic that Brighton has ever offered up, this 17-year-old is busy and has finally dropped his debut solo track. Working with the likes of his fellow Yert Collective members and as one half of Nokia Mansion, you can expect to see a lot more of Raf…


We’ve been working with you for a while now, and we’ve known how cold you are since day one, but you’ve been sat on a lot of music and ideas for a while, do you think this is the right time to release yourself into the wild? Is the world ready to hear what RAFBTN has to offer?

I’m not totally sure now is the time to realise a lot of it, I’m still experimenting with a lot of different sounds and a lot of things are up in the air at the moment, but when is really the best time? Haha. Reckon I’ll just keep the music coming til I’m happy with it – a lot of stuff might not come out, I’m not sure.

This video is not only a debut for your solo music, but it’s also a debut for fellow YERT member, Dereck, on the visuals. Where did you film this? Was it an enjoyable process?
Yeah man, the whole experience was well enjoyable. with it being Dereck’s first video, the way we worked together was a lot more organic, sorta working it out as we went along. We filmed it on the top of an empty car park, it was cool there.

A recent episode of B.U.R.R. was with a very good friend of yours and fellow Nokia Mansion member, Sly Fieri. He spoke briefly on what Nanshen is and what’s coming, can we hear it from your side?

Nanshen’s got a lot of music, like, a lot. I think we both get really focused on creating and, with Sly being sick on hooks and rhymes, it pushes me to be as hard as I can. Lots of bangers soon.


What’s coming next from RAF? What’s coming next for the rest of the YERT team?

I’ve got a solo EP in the works with Noyang. Basically finished recording it. Just bits here and there to get done, hopefully, sooner than later – I’m well excited about it.
I know Dereck’s got a lot good shit on the way. Para Fiction has their EP launch on the 2nd March in Jackalope – that will be sick. Apart from that everyone’s busy as usual making music, beats, vids. Exciting times.

What are your top three most purchased Offie items?

Ahahah my top three items…

  1. Drinks of all sorts – (KA Grape’s nice, Cherry B is nice too)
  2. Biscuits (Lotus biscuits bang)
  3. Freezer food! (I like to snack a lot, anything from freezer Kievs to freezer pizzas will do me good in the early hours of the morning)

raf rapper

On a side note, fuck the one pound samosas. They fucking suck. They’re straight trash.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Uhhh shout out Offie Mag, YERT, Nokia Mansion, SuaveGang, Cmpnd, Sun Frog n all of the Brighton man big uppp urselves.


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