5 of the finest Alan Partridge YouTube clips

Everyone’s favourite Norfolk DJ returned to his spiritual home of BBC this week, much to the joy of several Offie Mag staffers.

It was pretty jokes, too, as Alan found himself on his first fictional BBC chat show since the mid-nineties when he failed to get a new series following the accidental murder of a guest. This time he’s in a kind of One Show setting, mocking the modern cheesiness of prime time TV in 2019 and doing so very well as ever.

But for Partridge fans amongst our Weekly Clickbait readership, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane with some very funny, very easily embedded YouTube clips of some vintage Alan.

ONE: A Partridge in Paris

An Alan of many trades, we start with his work on the original Alan Partridge TV show, where he was debuting looks that would become iconic.


It’s funny how despite keeping in character for over 20 years, all it takes for Steve Coogan to let out his native Mancunian squeal is the simple piercing of his foot on a spike.

THREE: ‘You alright packing?’

From the delightful Easter-themed simile that opens this clip, through the upper-class ignorance that he brilliantly plays out in this cathedral where people come to worship shampoo and grapes, this is Alan at his best… long dormant.

THREE AGAIN: Alan in his natural habitat… Norwich.

It’s Christmas time in Norfolk’s best-churched city and who better to show around the place than Norwich’s favourite son?

FOUR: Alan the sports commentator

Before his fine solo work, Alan was a part of the brilliant The Day Today Show as a sports commentator. So fine was his work on this show that we have not one, but two clips from this era of Alan in which he displayed he had all of the pedigree of famous racing horses such as Christ’s Chin and Mrs Boothroyd’s Holiday Dancer… and Two Headed Sex Beast.

FIVE: Radio Gold

Mid-morning Matters may be one of the lesser viewed instalments of Partridge down the years, thanks to it’s rather random billing on Sky Atlantic, but it’s jam-packed with supreme chat from Norfolk’s main man in his natural habitat of local radio.

His ‘banter’ with Sidekick Simon (and the listeners) knows no limits.

BONUS: Song intros down the years…

The number one inspiration behind every Offie Mag Radio broadcast ever.

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