BURR 20: Nayana (NiNE8 Collective)


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talents on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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Ello! Can you introduce yourself for people that may not know about you and tell them a bit about your music? 

My name’s Nayana, I go by NAYANA IZ – as my name means eyes in Hindi.

Born and bred in London. Made in India. I rap, sing and play a couple instruments and I’m part of NiNE8 Collective, and a co-founder of Hydration Studios alongside Lava La Rue.

How long have you been making music and how did you get involved with NiNE8? 

Been making music since I could talk! With NiNE8, It just happened really. Became friends with everyone, fucked with NiNE8’s sound and they fucked with mine. Left school, and now I’m doing this shit full-time.

I know you’ve got a collaborative tape coming, but can we expect any solo stuff? 

Yes, I got too much shit on the way. Ain’t got no final dates but 2019 is full of new music and visuals from me.

Who’s sound are you fucking with the most at the moment?

My G’s BONE SLIM, and L!BAAN! They’re fucking it up at the moment! Got a couple things on the way with BONE that I’m too excited about it, his new single with the video – Cassius Non-Fiction is the coldest thing I’ve heard and seen in a while. And L!BAAN’s new project ‘Short and Sweet’ is too beautiful, you just gotta hear it for yourself, all platforms bitch.

Do you think we’re seeing positive changes in terms of the representation of female hip-hop artists?

Yes! As a female MC, I’ve felt shit in the ‘scene’ before, specifically in my younger years – made to feel too masculine and other stupid shit. Now, I feel like my music is finally appreciated solely based on the music, not about who I am, or my gender. Now there are a lot of sick females doing their thing without being typically feminine, but just themselves.

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What three things are you most likely to buy from an Offie?

 2-litre bottle of water, peach iced tea, RAWs.

Nayana nine 8 collective

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