Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: March

Usually, we start our monthly music round-up with something witty about the month that we’ve all just endured so, in keeping with that… bloody Brexit.

We hope that well over 52% of the people reading this are happy with the outcome, as only the finest of new UK music makes our selection in a month that could have been remembered for a perfect Pancake Day or a pissed-up St. Paddy’s.

But nah, it’s gonna be Brexit. Or if not, the fact that some bloke called Ole is behind the wheel.

Anyway, let’s start with our Pick of the Month…

Bone Slim Bone Chilled MilkBone Chilled Mill Artwork

nine8’s output this month has been particularly impressive – even for them. Libaan and Biig Piig have released EPs and a chunk of the crew put out a one-take music video for the fittingly ignorant banger, IGNANT.

But our pick of the lot comes from their masked mysterioso, Bone Slim. In collaboration with producer, droppedmilk, the five-track EP, Bone Chilled Milk, is every bit as vivid as the visuals that have accompanied it so far. Containing film references all over the place, Cassius Non-Fiction was the first single to emerge – as seen in Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: February – and now the full tracklist is out there to sink into.

It’s got a quintessentially ‘UK hip-hop’ sound – but one that is reinvented and reworked, more fitting of an audience who see that term as a dirty word. Bone’s dialect, slang and rhyme schemes feel natural as the bloke tells all sorts of stories over the top of cohesive beats, truly creating a well-thought-out, conceptual project with this.

These five tracks show both his talent and perhaps more excitingly, his potential. They are five tracks that could’ve been chucked up on Soundcloud by an artist who is clearly eager to share what he’s been up to, but by being patient and creating some boat-pushing visuals, Bone Slim might just have created something that will last far longer than a URL. He’s good in real life, too.

RAE Damn Jermaine.pngYet again, we attempted to do our Video of the Month justice on radio by trying our hand at audio commentary.

Assuming that we didn’t quite do it justice, here is the best place to take that winning video in. Ladies and gentlemen, Damn Jermaine, by R.A.E, a serving of delightfully old school, a vibrant wardrobe and darn good narrative, too.

Slacs Bianci .pngEvery month, this is the hardest of all our picks. Every single song we feature and play on radio is something that we genuinely rate and believe needs to be exposed to a larger audience. We could have gone with Verbz and Morriarchi’s dual-faced Still Here, Lilthaiprince’s super happy, super catchy, Kathmandu or the latest gorgeous soundbite from upcoming London talent, BINA.

But in the end, we went for Slacs Bianci’s Brainrattle.

One of the unsung heroes of 2018, this Nottingham producer and rapper released one of our favourites projects(es) with Slumped 1 and 2. This month, he dropped his THIRD album – mad for an artist who is going about his business so independently.

He told Brickcellphone in BURR #5 that, when it comes to his hometown, “there’s a lot of people hating.” Well Mr Bianci, there’s a lot of love for you in Brighton and evidently in West London, too, as he put this track (and the whole album, No Effort) out with Loudhouse.

For the rest of the music featured, check out our Music of the Month radio show.

Not featured in the radio show, but a super notable mention for Brighton’s-own, Para Fiction. Check these Diabolical Twins ASAP.

Here’s what we got up to during February’s heat wave…

Poster FEB

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