5 reasons why we love Rick Steves…

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If you don’t know about Rick Steves, then your life up until now has been considerably less enlightened than those lived by his loyal followers and travellers.

A veteran of American Public Television, Mr Steves is your smiling tour guide to a better life. Stylish, witty, charming and handsome as he absorbs cultures usually deemed to be alien to his fellow Americans, if a European city, village, or cathedral hasn’t been visited by this man, then it’s not worth seeing.

Rick Steves’ Europe is free to take in on YouTube, where you can watch this man doing what he does best. He tastes international cuisines, educates us all on art history and architecture of foreign lands and above all, brings the world that little bit closer together with every cheers!, salut!, nazdiavlje! and prost!.

Rick Steves cheers

As part of our Weekly Clickbait series, here are 5 reasons why we love Rick Steves.

1. His impeccable style

If ‘Dad chic’ is what the kids are into these days, well then look no further than Rick Steves for your fashionista inspo.

Pastel shirt, chinos. Pastel shirt, chinos. Pastel shirt, chinos. Chequered shirt, chinos. Only occasionally mixing it up with a sweater around his well-travelled shoulders for optional warmth, this man brings levels of consistency to fashion that James Milner brings to football.

 2. His breadth of knowledge

What, you didn’t know what the traditional folk dance of Croatia’s Dalmatian region was? Rick Steves did.

You didn’t know what year Duomo di Milano was built? Rick Steves did.

The national dish of Czech Republic? He knew it, ate it and liked it.

3. A fine sense of humour

As shown in these outtakes. Lovely stuff.

4. This…

5. The way he opened his Guide to Budapest…

Checkmate. Keep on travelling…


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