BURR 23: Loot Camp


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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This time we’ve dug into our own underground hip-hop scene and spoken to Brighton’s Loot Camp. Despite their ties to hardcore, guitar thrashing sounds, Anton and James make a quite delightfully boom-bap hip-hop noise under the Loot Camp persona. It’s nice…

Ello chaps, can you introduce yourselves for people that may not know who you are?

Anton: I’m Anton I’m an MC in Loot Camp.

James: I’m James aka Simian aka Swampy.

What you been working on, when can we expect another release?

Anton: We’ve done a couple small EPs in just over a year working together, we got singles and videos to release and hopefully an EP where we get a few other MCs to come on our tracks.

We playing the Hip Hop 4 Homelessness event at Dead Wax you’re putting on, buzzing for that one!

James: Anton said it all pretty much. We’re collaborating a lot at the moment and also been doing bits with other producers which will follow soon. Got a few tracks with Laurless that will be coming out which will have visuals accompanying.

You have strong ties to the Hardcore scene, specifically in Brighton, how do you think that affects your sound/reputation?

Anton: I mean we’ve been asked to play a couple mixed-genre shows but honestly not too much, other than, I guess, trying to stay authentic and also the way we perform. We always get told how much energy we have and I think our background in fronting heavier bands definitely helped, but I’ve always seen myself as an MC and an MC only.

James: So myself and Anton have a very eclectic music taste which I think can influence how we’re feeling day to day on a creative basis. But for sure, Hardcore & Punk comes out in a lot of our music lyrically and energy wise. Back when I was fronting Salt Wound I spoke a lot about what fucked me off – and I’m still doing that just channelling it in a different way. Also big up Bigman Solution RIP!!

All your beats are produced in house, is it easier for you to work like this? Can we expect any collaborations soon?

Anton: I mean going on from that idea of authenticity, personally I really like that all the beats are James’, it keeps us DIY and kinda punk in a sense. He’s a really talented all-round musician and it feels like it captures our energy when together. Though as someone who doesn’t make the beats, it’s still sort of the same for me.

James: It’s definitely fun for me to be involved on a track to that extent. If I’m feeling inspired I can immerse myself into producing something that I’m feeling that day. But I’m open to collaborations! As said before, we’ve been doing bits with other producers… Might get Cher on a hook, dunno yet.

What do you both find yourself purchasing from offies regularly?

Anton: Raws and Roach mate.

James: Super Noodles and Rizla.


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