Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: April

Here we are again with the best new British hip-hop music, rap and more from the past month.

bina humble abode

April gave us a big fat bank holiday and some bangers, including a gorgeous EP from South London singer, songwriter, producer, mixer and masterer, Bina. Our Pick of the Month, Humble Abode is a soulful six-track EP from an artist whose independence is truly admirable.

Collaborating with 237’s Kish! twice on the release, the EP is an intimate look into the life of a young creative who is finding her sound and creating distinct moods as she does so. From the upbeat optimism of Summer Breeze, to the self-reflective Prisoner, Bina takes you on a journey in the 14 minutes worth of music here.

Speaking of journeys, she hopped on a Thameslink from Croydon to Brighton to join us for our Music of the Month radio show and gave a live rendition of the project, too. Watch and listen to all of that…

slowthai gorgeous .png

slowthai’s been building the excitement for his debut album ever since he first emerged, with his contagious attitude being nothing but captivating every time he offers an opportunity to look into his world.

His latest music video does exactly that and, with gorgeous shots courtesy of direction from The Rest, it’s worthy of our Video of the Month title.

kibo danny sanchez.png

Not for the first time, our Track of the Month has come from the London platform, Loudhouse, who provided the visuals for this undeniable banger.

Danny Sanchez and Kibo have created something beautifully British with this tune, clearly drawing influence from grime and garage. Sanchez’s hook is flawless and Kibo’s feature is full of them quotable lyrics that show why he comes like Sports Direct dot com – the UK’s number one. Or Offie Mag’s number one this month, at least.

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