Off Licence Magazine are pleased to announce our own afterparty, following our beloved local festival, The Great Escape… THE OFFIE MAG ESCAPE.

We’re inviting anyone who likes fun and music to Dead Wax Social from 10pm on Saturday, May 11th. Entry is completely free and you don’t need a wristband to get in. Nor do you need a PR company or record label to perform on stage as, along with some local talent and a SECRET HEADLINER, we’re going to have an open mic, too.

Here is the line-up:


Come and see who we’ve got to headline The Offie Mag Escape. To be announced on the day of the event. Keep your peepers peeled.


Brighton hip-hop rockers Para Fiction are playing Boomtown this summer, but playing The Offie Mag Escape will be the highlight of their festival season.

Expect them to smash the shit out of the dance floor in this PA set, playing bangers from their recently released Episode One: L££CH RIDDEN EP.


Happy Trappin’ is something that comes very easily to LTP, who, according to fellow Pumpfaker, Sami Swoi, is ‘the man the man.’ Lilthaiprince is the autotune-using-happy-trap artist that your Dad hates. But your Mum loves him and so does Offie Mag.


What is there to be said about Nokia Mansion that hasn’t been said on our website already? This duo of MCs, Raf and Sly Fieri, are destined for big things and despite only existing for about six months, have several tracks that have sent Brighton crowds wild already. Nutters.


This event is all about putting local talent on and with that in mind, we thought we’d throw an open mic to get things started. Waste MCs need not apply.

All this, plus some exclusive merch and the musical stylings of Brickcellphone, The Best DJ in the World.


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