5 things to do in Brighton this Bank Holiday Weekend…

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A welcome day off? Or a nuisance of a day where the shops aren’t open long enough?Yeah, somehow we’ve got another Bank Holiday already.

First of all we had that one where it was well hot, melting Easter eggs and inhibitions across a four-day weekend. Then, not long after that, there was a colder, windier one that sort of passed everyone by.

But now, we’ve got yet another extended weekend in the form of the Spring Bank Holiday and, if you’re lucky enough to be spending it in a (potentially) sunny Brighton, then we’ve got a guide for you.

Here is the Brighton Bank Holiday, curated by Offie Mag.

Number One: The beach

Might as well start with the obvious one, innit.

Brighton & Hove has a beach. A big one that stretches as far as you can walk or roll on one of them rental bikes from the council. If you like sitting down and drinking, go there.

But do yourself a favour and don’t go too close to the pier, as beautiful and shiny as it is, as here you’ll end up within a heaving crowd of unimaginative beach-goers. Head for Black Rock towards the Marina and settle down somewhere just before – or within – the nudist beach.

It’s quiet and spacious there with panoramic views, marred only slightly by the sight of an old man’s todger here and there.

Brighton beach

Number Two: Polar’s Studio Lates at Komedia

If you’ve recovered from a day of doing fuck all on Saturday, one of Brighton’s finest movers and/or shakers are throwing an event of fairly trendy dance music at Komedia.

Polar Brighton

Continuing their series of Studio Lates, Polar have been booking some of their favourite DJs across techno and beyond, providing support themselves with their own in-house talent. Rene Wise, Tia Cousins and Syz are names that will mean a lot to some people and very little to the less-techno inclined among us.

But rest easy in the knowledge that if you do go to this event, you will find yourself dancing madly whether you know what’s going on or not.

Number three: Mustard Presents… Gold School (Bank Holiday Special)

This event, right in the often overly Drake-friendly Coalition, looks – for lack of a better term, mustard.

Organised by Mustard Events, Gold School are bringing disco to one of Brighton’s biggest clubs, switching up the vibe entirely compared to what would usually go on at a venue that hosts a student night called ‘C U Next Tuesday.’

Gold School brighton

Look out for local producer, Changing Currents, whose stock is rising as an 18-year-old beatmaker. His set in Room 2 from 1am, is not to be missed – and nor is the poster for the event that seems to channel Where’s Wally? whilst embodying the hectic nature of this forthcoming Bank holiday in Sussex-by-the-Sea.

Check out the Facebook event for this here.

Number four: Free carnival at Patterns

Brighton’s favourite carnival inspired events brand Tropicalé descend on Patterns in collaboration with Foundations to bring you a free party of tantalizing proportions, this Friday night.

A globetrotting sonic journey through the many carnivals of the Earth is the name of the game. Get ready for a cacophony of fun, dancing, and confetti sound-tracked by the very best in all genres from Dancehall, Bashment and Soca through to UK Funky, Garage, Afrobeat(s), Global Club and even Salsa.

Tropicalé base their ethos around all of this, whilst adding in a healthy dash of the UK underground, as well as their signature of party tools ranging from confetti through to whistles, horns and even party-bags. Who said you’re ever too old for a good old party-bag? Nobody, that’s who.

Number five: Get yourself a BBQ, obviously

One of those tray numbers that you can take anywhere, so long as you don’t mind 20 minutes of violent smoke and a 30 minutes of peak cooking temperature before it’s time to piss on the ashes.

Brighton’s got loads of spots that are good to take a BBQ, such as the aforementioned beach spot, the micro-state that is The Level, Preston Park, Queen’s Park and yer mate’s garden.

Also, thanks to being one of the most 2019 places on earth, there are plenty of shops where you can buy vegan-friendly ingredients so that you can include each and every one of your pals in the fun.

Have a nice Bank Holiday,

Yours sincerely,

Offie Mag x

What to do in brighton this bank holiday

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