IN PICTURES: Gold School takeover Coalition with Changing Currents and more

In what was a Bank Holiday weekend where Brighton locals were spoilt for choice, one highlight came within the nightclub that is Coalition, as Mustard Events switched things up from the venue’s usual vibe.

With a change of music came a change of clientele from Coalition’s usual weekend crowd (more caps and less blazers, basically). Gold School took over both rooms with disco classics in the main room and Room 2 kicking-off with sets from the likes of local DJ and producer, Changing Currents – the highlight of the night.

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Even to a crowd of earlier arrivals, the guy’s blend of various hip-hop soundscapes managed to captivate, as quickly a larger and larger crowd gathered around the teenage artist. Bringing his own energy to the fore, just in case anyone on the dancefloor was lacking their own, Changing Currents played plenty of his own music, much of which was unreleased but well-received. Mac & Jheez finished off Room 2, themselves familiar with such club-friendly atmospheres thanks to a host of successful nights on their own CV.

Party decorations ranging from inflatable bananas to blow-up unicorns turned Coalition from a club infamous for commercial offerings such as their night literally called ‘TRASH,’ into something a bit more laid-back that didn’t take itself too seriously.

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At 3 quid a pop for tickets (if you were quick enough), there was good value to be found on the seafront for those who hadn’t already expired into a hungover mess by this, the third night of the Bank Holiday weekend.

To stay tuned into what Mustard Events get up to next, like their page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


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