Pick of the Month: Vitamin G & illiterate – illitamin G (Yogocop Records)

This was always going to be a hard one to pick our favourite release of the month within, what with the likes slowthai, Skepta and NiNE8 Collective dropping new projects and Theresa May releasing herself from Number 10.

But it’s a pleasure to be able to pick some Brighton artists that we’ve been following since before Offie Mag even existed as our Pick of the Month; Vitamin G and illiterate.

Words by Greg Stanley

illitamin G

This is far from just a rapper vs producer album, with the Yogocop Records duo combining forces not just via illiterate’s funky, dusty beats and Vits’ impeccable flows, but through a musical journey of a summer that saw the latter sleep on the former’s sofa.

Vits’ sofa-surfing days were two years ago now and the timely release of the full, crispily mastered project has coincided with the latest summer in Sussex. The ‘#CONGEALED’ powers of these two have given you 10 tracks and as per, when the Cambridge-raised MC touches the mic, there’s a shitload of words.

Not a single one is wasted and this feels like Vitamin G’s most polished, lyrically strong release yet, touching on themes of debauchery, family and more in air-tight verses. The hooks get better every time you listen to them, with those on Landing and We Did It standing out in particular.

illiterate blesses us with lyrical features of his own, too. One of the most understated spitters and consistent artists in this realm of underground music that we cover, his armoury of beats was well-used on this project that comes in between several loopable instrumental tapes from him.

Features from fellow Yogocop heads like Nuphzed and Vits’ CMPND companion, Wundrop also add extra dimensions to a tape on which Vitamin G leads the way. With a roster as strong as Yogocop, there is always a temptation to lump them together as one beautiful, dreeby mess, but it’s exciting to see one rapper take centre stage and Vitamin G does that so fucking well on this.

Our Pick of the Month and a timeless sounding tape that we will be listening to until next May and beyond, make sure you sink some illitamin G into your system.

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